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The ancient Mayans wrote down their dates using beautiful hieroglyphics. Centuries later, their stone tablets continue to amaze and enthrall viewers with their elegance and beauty.

The Maya Date iPhone application lets you create a date monument for any day you like, from 4000 BC to 99,000 AD. Just spin the dials and the program shows you that date in four different calendars, just as the Mayans might have carved them on a stone monument.

The four calendars are called the Long Count, the Tzolkin, the Haab and the Lords of the Night. The application comes with complete, easily understood descriptions of all of these calendars, so you can appreciate not only the visual beauty of the hieroglyphics, but the creative ways the Mayans chose to keep track of the days of their lives.

The Maya Date application has been written from the ground up to be a great iPhone experience. The program uses a custom internal calendar that gives it unsurpassed accuracy (many other calendars in the App Store lose accuracy for dates prior to about 1580). The graphics are based on historical photographs and drawings of Mayan monuments, redrawn specifically to look gorgeous on the iPhone. You can adjust the starting day of the Mayan calendar, and whether the program draws five or six digits of the Mayan Long Count. And you can use the built-in email function to easily send your monuments to friends and relatives, offering them a fun and unique way to mark their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Download The App

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  • All-original artwork that looks beautiful on your iPhone.
  • Select days with Gregorian or Mayan calendars.
  • Built-in email for sending your Mayan date monuments to friends!
  • Displays 6-digit Long Counts, necessary for dates after December 2012.
  • Complete, easy-to-understand documentation.
  • Choose any day for Day 0 of the Mayan Long Count.
  • Unlike many other calendars on the iPhone, the Maya Date calendar is rock-solid accurate from 4000 BC to 99,000 AD.


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Reading The Date

If you received a Maya Date in the mail, you probably clicked the included link to reach this page. The graphics you received from your friend is a date as it might have been inscribed in a stone monument by Mayan carvers. It's a collection of symbols, or glyphs, each identifying one part of a calendar.

The monument you received shows not one but four different calendars, all of which were used by the Mayans at the same time! You can simply enjoy the graphics, or read about what they mean (and how to understand the date they represent) by choosing About Mayan Calendars above, or just clicking here.