Our New Processing Class!

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming online class on Processing. The Processing language, available for free at processing.org, is a modern, powerful tool for creating rich, animated, interactive graphics. You can create exploratory visualizations, fine art, interactive animations and more. Processing can be used to create works from personal expression to museum kiosks to interactive websites, custom hardware, music, robotics, and beyond. Processing has been specially designed to be easy to learn and use.

My new book Processing for Artists and Designers has inspired me to develop an online class for people who like to learn by doing. The class will be roughly 10 weeks long, presented as about an hour of video instruction every week, with a challenging and fun assignment so you can put your new skills to use. Each student will receive a personalized video critique from me in response to every assignment, so you'll get my personalized attention from start to finish. The class will be fun, packed with useful information, and you'll get to learn not only from me but from your colleagues and fellow students. Every student will receive a copy of the book, plus all the Processing sketches that went into its creation.

We plan to have the class available in Fall 2010 through our sister enterprise, the Imaginary Institute. To keep up to date, and to hear about when the class goes live, drop us a line with your email address using the link below. We promise on a stack of hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven handmade cinnamon rolls (one of the most wonderful things ever) that we will never give your email to anyone else without your consent.

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